WWE Referees Salaries

WWE is one of the Biggest ERA from where different people getting paid by different position. There are many refries working at WWE and earning high amount. We all Know better that referee is one best position in this game. All WWE referees are mostly richest and getting very high salaries. WWE events are scheduled as weekly events and known main events of the week. Lots of peoples waiting for an upcoming event and all referees are paid accordingly. Referees in a single weekly event, Like WWE Raw, SmackDown Event and NXT event can make $1,500 amount to $3,000 amount per week, or $150,000 amount on annual basis. In main Events, like Royal Rumble Event and King of the Ring Event, Referees can make $3,500 to $4,000 Amount per single week, or $250,000 or above annually. Check Below WWE Referees Salaries Details.

WWE Referees Salaries

Referee Franchise Annual Salary
Charles Robinson SmackDown $200,000
Mike Chioda SmackDown $200,000
Dan Engler SmackDown $50,000
Chad Patton Raw $50,000
Danilo Anfibio SmackDown $50,000
Darrick Moore Raw $50,000
Darryl Sharma NXT $10,000
Drake Wuertz NXT $10,000
Eddie Orengo NXT $10,000
Jason Ayers SmackDown $50,000
Jessika Carr NXT $10,000
John Cone Raw $50,000
Rod Zapata Raw $50,000
Ryan Tran SmackDown $50,000
Shawn Bennett Raw $50,000
Tom Castor NXT $10,000

In Above Table, all WWE Referees Salaries and names mentioned.

  • Charles Robinson: is the best American professional Referee at SmackDown franchise and Annual salary of the Charles Robinson is $200,000.
  • Mike Chioda: is one of the senior referees from America signed SmackDown franchise and their Annual salary at SmackDown is $200,000.
  • Dan Engler: is the senior American professional well-known Referee at SmackDown franchise and their Annual salary at SmackDown is $50,000.
  • Chad Patton: is from United States professional Referee at WWE Raw franchise and Annual salary of the Chad Patton is $50,000 at Raw.
  • Danilo Anfibio: is the Woodland Park, New Jersey Referee at SmackDown franchise and their Annual salary is $50,000.
  • Darrick Moore: is the professional Referee at SmackDown, WWE Raw and WWE NXT. Salary of the Darrick Moore at any franchise different but at SmackDown his salary is $50,000.
  • Darryl Sharma: 

  • is the Canadian (WWWE) wrestling referee at NXT franchise.  The Annual salary of Darryl Sharma is $10,000.
  • Drake Wuertz: is the former American wrestler and current Referee at NXT. Drake Annual salary is $10,000.
  • Eddie Orengo: is the Newark Referee at www NXT. The Annual salary Eddie Orengo is $10,000.
  • Jason Ayers: is the  American WWWE Referee at SmackDown with the Annual salary of $50,000.
  • Jessika Carr: is the female American WWE Referee at NXT  and Annual salary of the Jessika is $10,000.
  • John Cone: is the American professional Referee at WWE RAW and Annual salary of the John Cone is $50,000.
  • Rod Zapata: is the Malaysian professional WWE Referee to the RAW franchise and Annual salary of the Rod Zapata is $50,000.
  • Ryan Tran: is the Malaysian well known professional Referee to WWE SmackDown and Annual salary of the Ryan Tran is $50,000.
  • Shawn Bennett: is the best Referee from Humboldt at WWE RAW  and Annual salary of the Shawn Bennett is $50,000.
  • Tom Castor: is the San Jose professional Referee at WWE NXT. The Annual salary of the Tom Castor is $10,000.

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