Female Boxer Names

Welcome to the Female Professional Boxer post on Sports Champic. We are going to share with you Female Boxer Names and their life Brief Details. Today watch the list of famous Females in the world of Boxing. Girls Boxing is the most followed sport by people and people get interested in these awesome sports. Boxing is the most-watched sport in the world but when we compare the Male Boxers and Female Boxers then there is a big change. This article is completely followed Girl Boxer Names so watch Female Boxer Names in the list below. Enjoy the Complete list of the Female Boxer Names.

Female Professional boxer names and Details

  • Laila Ali:

Laila-Ali is a former American professional boxer Born 30 December 1977, Competing from 1999 to 2007. Laila’s Height is 1.78 m & Weight is 65 kg.

  • Holly Holm:

Holly Holm is an American mixed martial artist, Born on 17 October 1981, Competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Height is 1.73 m & Weight is 61 kg.

  • Christy Martin

Christy Renea Martin is an American former world champion boxer. Born on 12 Jun 1968. Her partner Sherry Lusk. She has light-middleweight.

  • Mia St. John:

Mia Rosales St. John is an American Mexican professional boxer and former World Boxing Council champion in the super welterweight division.

  • Cecilia Brækhus:

Cecilia-Brækhus is the former Norwegian kickboxer and professional boxer born on 28 September 1981. Cecilia’s height is 1.71 m & Wight 66 kg.

  • Lucia Rijker:

Lucia Rijker is a Netherlands kickboxer, boxer, and actress. She was born on 6 December 1967. Lucia’s height is 1.68 m & Wight is 646 kg.

  • Nicola Adams:

Nicola Adams is a British female professional boxer born on 26 October 1982. Height of the Nicola Adams 1.64 m and Weight 51 Kg.

  • Katie Taylor:

Nicola Adams is an Irish female professional boxer & Footballer born on 2 July 1986. Height of the Katie Taylor 1.65 m and Weight 62 Kg.

  • Ann Wolfe:

Ann Wolfe is an American female professional boxer born on 17 January 1971. Height of the Ann Wolfe 1.75 m and Weight 76 Kg.

  • Regina Halmich:

Regina Halmich is a German female professional boxer born on 22 November 1976. Height of the Regina Halmich 1.6 m and Weight 75 Kg.

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