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Katya Kavaleva, a professional former member of the Blackzilians MMA fighting team. The professional Kavaleva is a two-time world Heavyweight Kickboxing champion and famous by her titles.

Katya stands at an impressive height of 6 foot 5 inches, this is the best height. The weigh of the Katya Kavaleva is just over 200 pounds.

She had been training for an MMA debut prior to trying out with the WWE. Katya Kavaleva is the Former Profesional Martial Arts Trainer and Professional Boxer in The World. The Greatest Boxer MMA Fighter Katya Kavaleva is a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.

The Tallest 6-foot-5 Champion Kickboxer Katya turned-MMA fighter to attends a WWE tryout in the hope of turning.

Katya Kavaleva Overview, Height, Weight

When we think first about Professional boxers, the first thing we can notice that she is the tallest female. She is famous for her height of 6-foot-5.

The weight of Katya over 200 pounds. hover around 6’4 1/2 and 6’5 with shoes and can see that this girl tall in MMA gym. we can see that She is full of beast was rare and the fact she was so beautiful lady (Google) made me super interested to see what was the deal,

but as soon as the smile went away and the sparring started, soon people realized, that she was a talented champion kickboxer and could compete against anyone, including the guys.

Although Katya has been lobbying for a fight in MMA and even against Cris Cyborg’s best friend and Rizen star Gabi Garcia, it has been proven very difficult to find her a proper opponent in MMA and from this raw footage, you can see why.

Recently Katya Kavaleva considered trying out for WWE because of her lack of fight opportunities.

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