Major Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is the most popular sport which fans from the whole world. Every year different tennis Tournaments are played between different teams. Some of the Tennis Tournaments are known as major and people wait for them. People from around the world follow their teams and players that they like. Players that are famous in different Tennis Tournaments are Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams. Ranking of the tennis when we then we can see major tournaments, so we can find them in very less number. Today our article is all about the Major Tennis Tournaments. Do you know about Tennis, if you don’t know about these Major Tournaments then check today all details?

This is the Best time for tennis fans that here they can get details of the top tennis vents and matches. The US Open and Wimbledon are the most popular and well-known tennis events in all seasons, but there are one of main plenty of other must-see tournaments that every fan should have on their bucket list. Whether you follow the men’s circuit events in the Association of Tennis Professionals or the female events of the Women Tennis Association, these tournaments you cannot miss, world-class and best players and some of the biggest prize money in the tennis game. This List consists of four major Tournaments in which US Open is on top. Check out the below list of Top and Major Tennis Tournaments.

Let’s Check the List of Major Tennis Tournaments and Their Details

US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium the Major Tennis Tournaments

US Open is one the biggest tennis tournament of the year and is regarded as major in all. People engaged with US Open from whole the world. Male Tennis players and Female Tennis players earn from this tournament around $1.5 million dollars each. The world’s best players get their best titles in this tournament.

Wimbledon – London the Major Tennis Tournaments

Wimbledon – London is regarded as the world’s oldest Tennis Tournament. We can say that this is the first tournament in tennis and played every year. Millions of $ Earn men tennis players and women tennis players from this tournament. Different players win their titles here in this season.

French Open at Roland Garros – Paris the Major Tennis Tournaments

French Open is the world’s 3rd tournament in our list of Major Tennis Tournaments. This Tournament starts in the Spring season every year. Millions of viewers its have from the whole world enjoy this tournament.

 Indian Wells Tennis Masters the Major Tennis Tournaments

The World 4th Biggest Tournament Indian Wells Start in march. Every Year this tournament begins in March in which males and females players are involved.

Australian Open – Melbourne the Major Tennis Tournaments

The Australian Open is the year’s first Grand Slam, starting off the season every January with two weeks of matches at Melbourne Park. Millions of people enjoy this awesome tennis Tournament in Melbourne Park from January to April.

Fed Cup (Women’s ITF)

The Fed Cup is the international tennis team competition in women’s tennis, taking place from the whole world in a different country each year. One of the plenty of fierce competition between players from around the world.

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