Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

There is much hottest Tennis Player Woman around the world. All of famous female on tennis having huge number of fans and Followers. This is very difficult to choose top ten Hottest female Tennis players from all. We will try to share here current beautiful female tennis players names and bio. Among these hottest Females Tennis Player Woman, it is very difficult to choose or pick up the top ten because of their beauty and Hotness. Enjoy here list of the Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

Top Ten Hottest Female Tennis Players

Maria Sharapova is The Tennis World First Hottest lady in Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman. Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic, Ashley Harkleroad, Dominika Cibulkova, Sania Mirza, Tatiana Golovin, Maria Kirilenko, Elena Dementieva, and Serena Williams are also Hottest Women in the Tennis.

10. Serena Williams

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Professional Tennis players Serena Williams is not only a beautiful or hottest but has the best player in the history of women’s Tennis Sports. The Best player Serena Williams has made her mark in fashion and in the television industry. She is one sexy woman Tennis player that really is a pro at playing tennis.

Serena Williams is an American Most beautiful professional tennis player born on 26 September 1981. The best Serena was declared by (WTA) Women’s-Tennis-Association as World No. 1 in singles for five occasions. Serena also won four (4) gold medals in her time in Olympics for double and singles categories. Professional player Serena Williams Received The total Grand slam titles 30 in various tennis divisions on different occasions. Female of the Tennis Serena Williams also won a career Golden Grand Slam after the year 2012 Summer Olympics gold medalist. She is the first lady she won Career Golden Grand Slam for both categories singles and doubles. Professional Women Serena Williams has the 10th position in Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman all time.

9. Elena Dementieva

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

The recently retired Professional Russian Tennis Player hottie Elena was one of the well mannered and sexy tennis players. Elena ranks no.4 in all women’s tennis and also the 9th Hottest female in Tennis. Dementieva is definitely one hottest lady in all tennis females. The Hottest Dementieva Elena is a blonde, tall, Wealthy, Beautiful and sexy player that plays in an extremely beautiful in court. She is considered as a fair-haired school girl charm as she ties her hair in the ponytail. All Men love to watch Elena Dementieva, thus she was voted as one of the best and hottest women in top 99.

Elena Dementieva or Viatcheslavovna Dementieva had won the gold medal in the year 2008. She won the Olympics in Beijing, The silver medal in the year 2000 Olympics in-country Sydney. Dementieva has been a champion of the Tennis since she was 13 years old. Achievements of the Elena Dementieva in tennis are non-stop in her hometown and International. Parents of the Elena Dementieva are bots tennis experts and She got her tennis skills from both her parents Viatcheslav and Vera.

8. Maria Kirilenko

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Another gorgeous blonde Hottest Russian player Maria Kirilenko, the smoking hot tennis player. Maria Kirilenko was born in Moscow Country and holds the highest ranking. The Hottest Maria Kirilenko also has been in the Swimsuit Edition of the year 2009. Maria Kirilenko dominates her presence in doubles title and she is considered to be the best player.

Maria Kirilenko may be one of the Hottest, lesser-known beautiful RussiansFemale of the Tennis field. She appeared in several different fashion magazines and has also posed for Sports Illustrated. The Hottest Maria Kirilenko is the 8th player in the list of Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

7. Tatiana Golovin

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Tatiana is the beautiful, hottest female in Tennis Sports. The 24-year-old hottest French professional tennis player, Tatiana Golovin is popular in the tennis field. Tatiana Golovin has done photoshoots for the Sports Illustrated Magazine. She has the hottest charismatic personality who doesn’t play tennis anymore after her lower back injuries.

Tatiana Golovin won the 2001 famous French Open mixed doubles and reached in 2006 US Open. The hottest Tatiana Golovin is hailed by Sportarium as the world No. 1 sexiest and hottest female tennis player of the year 2012. She appeared in magazines Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of the year 2009 where the picture she had with Daniela Hantuchova and Maria Kirilenko.

6. Sania Mirza

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Super hot, Professional and Pakistan Bhabhi sensational & intelligent tennis players. Sania Mirza is the well known hottest tennis player. The hot & sexy Indian beauty, who currently in Pakistan, Sania Mirza is all of 24 years and it’s a pleasure to watch her Hot, glamorous beauty when she plays. Tennis Hottest female Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Sania Mirza is famous for her Beauty, Hotness and forehand groundstrokes that are full of power. She is No. 1 (one) in many Indian tennis plays for single and double both categories. She has surpassed US$1 Million career earnings as a tennis hottest and the best player making her the highest-paid and popular female tennis player. Hottest Sania Mirza is the first Indian to win WTA  (World Tennis Association) Tour title. The Tennis player Sania Mirza Faced many Issues in winning of the main titles to become the best player. She continues to reign in, hotness, beauty and in the game. Currently, Sania Mirza is the 6th Hottest female of Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

5. Dominika Cibulkova

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

This bombshell, Hottest Tennis Female from Czechoslovakia is a rising star in tennis. Cibulkova is a French hottest tennis player is quite lucky to get this tennis girl around her. She currently holds 16 rank singles titles.

She achieved the Worldwide junior 3 positions in May 2005. Dominika Cibulkova achieved the rank of 12 in the year 2009. Her biggest started when she joined in 2009 French Open and reached the semi-finals. Cibulkova also made it to the quarterfinals match in the US Open in the year 2010 and Wimbledon Championships in the year 2011. The Cibulkova was hailed as one of the Hottest or sexiest female tennis players in WTA. When we analyze the hottest Tennis player then Dominika Cibulkova is the 5th Hottest female on the list of the Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

4. Ashley Harkleroad

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Ashley Harkleroad is a Professional American Hottest tennis player. She is the first WTA – World Tennis Association player that has a nude pose in most famous Playboy American popular men magazine. Ashley Harkleroad is famous in such a way that what she is wearing in Tennis matches. Harkleroad was hailed as “American Ana” after her Hot appearance at the US Open in Season 2001 wearing a scandalous outfit. Her being young, Hot and sexy did not stop her from Hot winning many plays in tennis. Most beautiful and Hottest Ashley Harkleroad married to her coach Chuck Adams by which her prize money exceeds one million dollars.

3. Ana Ivanovic

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

After Junior Anna Kournikova’s retirement, Junior Ana Ivanovic quickly becomes a member of the Tennis. Ana Ivanovic is the 3rd six-footer after of the Maria Sharapova and Serbian in Tennis. She is the hottest tennis player and ranked as No. 1 in the Women’s (WTA) Tennis Association.

Ana has graced many famous magazines and dated some of THE popular sports eligible bachelors. She has an aggressive and awesome style of play. The Ana Hottest tennis player currently holds a ranking 156 in the doubles title category. Ivanovic is a former number one tennis player who has won Grand Slam title, Roland Garros title, to her name. The hottest tennis player Ana Ivanovic is on 3rd position in the list of Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

2. Anna Kournikova

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is a Russian former The World Hottest and professional tennis player born on June 7, 1981. Tennis hotlist is complete without Anna Kournikova. We can say that Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is an Attractive player and 2nd hottest female in tennis. With glamorous beauty, Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova is a professional tennis female. She is one of the most popular and most searched women on the internet world. Millions of male fans and followers like her unique and hottest look.

Anna became quite Most popular after doing a music hot video with Enrique. She was the Sexiest Woman in the World in the year 2002. She had a short time of tennis in which becomes the World Popular and well-known female. Kournikova is one of the hottest photographed women in tennis.

1. Maria Sharapova

Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman

Maria Sharapova is the Russian World’s first Hottest professional female tennis player born on  April 19, 1987, in Nyagan, Russia. No doubt that Maria Sharapova on top of the hottest & sexiest tennis players and there is no other Hottest Female then Maria Sharapova in Tennis.  She currently holds rank No. 3 in the category of singles titles.

Maria Sharapova is one of the sexy and glamorous Ladies by which she becomes the queen of the Hottest Female Tennis players. The Hottest Maria Sharapova is the most famous and popular female tennis player of all time among the top Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.  She ranked No. 1 in many places and lists of Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

Hottest Maria Sharapova is well known for her beauty, modeling, and on-court fashion. She has been seen in many advertisements, like Nike, Prince, Canon advertisement, and is the face of several fashion houses. Maria Sharapova is one of the most popular with high searches athlete on Yahoo and Google in 2005 and 2008. The Hottest Maria Hottest Maria Sharapova has the first position in the list of Top Ten Hottest Tennis Player Woman.

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