Top 25 Funny and Weird Football Player Names

Football Players having different qualities some players look like serious, Some players look like tallest, Some are shortest and the Most interesting quality players is Funny types of players. When we talk about these type of players then we can find here many funniest players that very famous for his activities, Talking and many more things. Today our Topic about the Top 25 Funny and Weird Football Player Names that very important for all Football Lovers to know him. Here in this article, you will know about the Top funniest players names that very famous in this Field. Know about the 25 funniest players names, from which country they are and to which country they belong.

Names of the Top 25 Funny and Weird Football Players

1. Norman Conquest

Norman Conquest was a professional but very funny goalkeeper in the World. People know him for shipping 17 goals in only one game. However, he is one of the best goalkeeper and as funniest Footballer in our Heart…

2. Mark de Man

Mark De Man is a well known funny football player was born on April 27, 1983, in Belgium….

3. Peter Pander

He is one of the Funny German football players. Millions of people following him with his funny character. Peter Pander was Born on October 19, 1951, in Germany…

4. David Goodwillie

Goodwillie is a young Funny Football Player and professional Scottish striker for Dundee United born onMarch 28, 1989 in the United Kingdom. In the list of Funniest Players, David Goodwillie is on 4rth Number…

5. Danger Fourpence

Danger Fourpence is a Zimbabwean Funny Football defender who plays for Club Kiglon Bird FC. He was Born on November 25, 1975, in Zimbabwe. In the list of Funniest Players, Danger Fourpence is on 5th Number…

6. Michael Gash

Michael Gash is a Professional striker for kidderminster harriers fc team. He was born on September 3, 1986, in the country of Germany. He previously played for famous Club Cambridge United. In the list of Funniest Players, Michael Gash is on 6th Number…

7.Fabian Assman

Fabian Assman is a famous Argentian goalkeeper born on March 23, 1986, in Argentina. He is playing for Independiente team in Argentina in Primera División. The Professional goalkeeper Fabian Assman is the 7th Funniest man in the Football World….

8. Bernt Haas

Bernt Haas is the former professional football defender and also the funniest player. He played for Team Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion team, where he becomes very famous for eating hot curries. Haas is the 8th player in this list…

9. Argelico Fucks

38-year-old the professional player Argelico is now retired from this field. Fucks were born on September 4, 1974, in Rosa. He played from the year of 1992 to 2007 with 10 different teams in all over the world. Fucks the 9th player in this list…

10. Chiqui Arce

Chiqui Arce the professional footballer also know an as funny player was born on April 2, 1971, in Paraguay. He played right back for Paraguay team in the year 1998 world cup and 2…

11. Nortei Nortey

Nortei Nortey is a talented professional Ghanian defender was born on October 29, 1994 in UK, London. Nortey is well known on of funniest player of the Football World and at 11th Position in this list.

12. Danny Invincible

An Australian famous footballer was born on March 31, 1979, in Australia. He played for Swindon national Team and Kilmarnock team where he single-handedly. Invincible saved Swindon from relegation in the year of 2001/02. Danny Invincible is the 12th Funny football player.

13. Wolfgang Wolf

Is a former funny man in the field of football but a professional player for FC Kaiserslautern team and currently he is a German football coach.

14. André Muff

Muff is a retired Football striker, Very famous by his Character who played from the year 1999 to 2009 with two seasons for Switzerland team. Unfortunately, he involved injuries by which career was blighted.

15. David Seaman

David Andrew Seaman is the best player and also known one of the funniest men in football. He was born on September 19, 1963 UK, United Kingdom. in the List of Top 30 Funny and Weird Football Players David Seaman is 15th player.

16. Ralf Minge

Ralf Minge is a well-known professional, famous but also the funniest player was born on October 8, 1960, in Germany. Minge played him mostly career at Dynamo Dresden team, also he representing East Germany international scene.

17. Danny Shittu

Shittu is the most professional player 32-year-old Nigerian center-back. He was born on September 2, 1980, in Nigeria. He now plays for Millwall team.

18. Paul Dickov

This player 40-year-old Scottish professional striker played over 400 games for the likes of Arsenal club, Blackburn Rovers Club, Leicester City, and Man City. He is now the main manager of Doncaster Rovers.

19. Milan Fukal

Milan is a professional defender was born on May 16, 1975 inNisou, Czech Republic. He is one of the well known funniest men in this field. Unfortunately Milan Fukal professional career never really took off by which he makes his real name kind of relevant.

20. Uwe Fuchs

Was a profession former Middlesbrough striker, also the funny character of the football was born on July 23, 1966, in Germany. Uwe Fuchs is on 20 number in the list of funny football players.

21. Ars Bandeet

He is an Algerian professional footballer in the year of 1970s. Ars Bandeet was born on 1970 in Algeria.

22. Rod Fanni

Was born on December 6, 1981, in France. Rod Fanni plays for famous team Marseille in French Ligue. In the List of Top 30 Funny and Weird Football Player Names, he is on 22 positions.

23. Creedence Clearwater Couto

Otherwise, the professional footballer is known as Paulista. He was born on March 6, 1979, in Brazil. Creedence is a professional Brazilian football striker for Santa Cruz team.

 24. Dean Windass

A talented sportsman, well known Dean Windass was a professional Striker for Hull City Club, Bradford City Club and several Club other clubs with total 732 games and 234 goals in his life. Also, he is in the list of funniest footballers.

25. Lars Bender

A talented German and professional midfielder who players for best Bayer Leverkusen club. Lars Bender is the 25 player is in the list of funniest footballers.

26. Stefan Kuntz

Kuntz was an awesome striker and famous by his funny characters. He played from the year 1980 to 1999. He had total 25 caps for the country of Germany and is currently is the chairman of FC Kaiserslautern.

27. Brian Pinas

Brian Pinas is a football player famous for his funny characters with other players and peoples. He was born on December 29, 1978, at the Netherlands and Currently playing with the team of RVV.

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