What is the Most Dangerous Sport

What is the Most Dangerous Sport in all Sports and How that Sport become Dangerous for Sports Players? Check Now about the Dangerous Sport. Nowadays The highest injury rate, Roughest sport or hardest sport is Cycling. Cycling is one of the crazy dangerous game and risky sport for Racer. Many of the Famous Cycling Racers Died in this Sport in during the Race. There are many Sports in Which we Lost many Players but Cycling is one of the Dangerous Sport than all others Sports. I Just Read History of the Cycling in which we lost very professional and Strongest Racers.

When we Talk about the Competitive Bicycling then 90 racer deaths in 100 years. many players are in very Serious cardiac conditions because of this Dangerous Sport. Some of the peoples want to lose their weight so for this purpose Cycling is one of the best game. So in somewhere we can say that this game helps us but somewhere we lost here very famous personalities in this game. The Happen is that many racers died in this sport than others then we called this game the Most Dangerous Sport.

Cyclists who died due to Dangerous Sport Cycling

Name Date Of Death
Pierre Forget August 21, 1894
AW “Bert” Harris April 21, 1897
Oscar Aaronson December 22, 1900
Charles Kerff May 18, 1902
Harry Elkes May 30, 1903
Edouard Taylor 1903
Alfred Görnemann October 11, 1903
Pilack June 16, 1904
Paul Dangla June 18, 1904
Karl Käser August 14, 1904
George Leander August 23, 1904
Charles Albert Brécy November 25, 1904
Hubert Sevenich May 7, 1905
Willy Schmitter September 18, 1905
Gustav Freudenberg April 29, 1906
Richard Huhndorf July 22, 1906
Charles Peguy June 9, 1907
Louis Mettling June 21, 1907
Josef Schwarzer


August 30, 1907
Moritz Hübner October 13, 1907

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