Biggest Cheating in Cricket

Cricket is one of the most famous and full of entertainment sports. There is no Chance to cheat with Cricket experts empires but some players make this possible and cheat with these experts. In Cricket History, we can see many Biggest Cheating Moments. Today our Topic is Biggest Cheating in Cricket and we want to show you some Cheating Moments. Check the Top Cheaters Cricketers who make fool empires. Today you can check in this article about the Unbelievable Cheatings in Cricket History.

Top Three Biggest Cheating in Cricket

Today we will try to sure you about the top 6 Biggest Cheating in Cricket History. Cheating or Mistakes of Empires? You can Check Today.

Ahmed Shehzad

 Biggest Cheating in Cricket

Well-Known Pakistani Cricketer Born on November 23, 1991, in Lahore city. Do You Know Ahmad Shehzad is famous for Cheating in Cricket History? The Biggest Selfie Master Ahmad Shehzad make fool two empires during the match. Ahmed Shehzad drops a Catch during the match and Claims for Wicket. Actually, He Picks ball from the earth and Claims for Wicket which make him the biggest cheater in the cricket world. Ahmad Shehzad Forgot that many cameras are in the cricket ground. all cameras having quality Lenz and can show small mistakes of the players.

Ricky Ponting

 Biggest Cheating in Cricket

Australia is the Team who won 5 Times Cricket Worldcup. Here we are going to focused on the Australia Team Captain Ricky Ponting. He is also the biggest cheater in the Cricket World. The Famous Player Ricky Ponting tried to make fool all empires. At the end of Over, he down the wicket stumps for out appeal but cameras caught him.

Ms. Dhoni

Biggest Cheating in Cricket

Indian International Team former captain Ms. Dhoni is also involved in cheating. MS Dhoni caught Kevin Pietersen Stupms ball after touching the earth and claim for the wicket. Actually ball touch the earth and Dhoni was aware abut claim for the wicket. This was one of the Biggest cheating and cameras solve the issue.

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